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Roll grinding Machine Waldrich Siegen 1800x10000 mm

Roll grinding Machine Waldrich Siegen 1800x10000 mm

Designation RollGrindingMachine
Manufacturer WaldrichSiegen
Model 1800x10000 mm
Condition Ready for operation, Machine can be inspected under power
Typeofoffer Second HandMachine
Year Newbuiltin 2002and2009
Location Switzerland

Technical Data

Max.GrindingDiameter 1800 mm
Min.GrindingDiameter 80 mm

Max.GrindingLength 10000 mm
Min.GrindingLength 800mm

ControlUnit Siemens 840D/Simodrive 6110

Max.Workpieceweight 50t
Machine weight approx. 78t


Grinding wheel spindle I=1, 5-1400 rpm
Roller driver GS1i41.5 n=0-150 rpm, GS2i10.20 n=0-150 rpm
Z-feed 10 m/min
X-feed 5 m/min
Q1-feed 2 m/min
Q2-feed 2 m/min

Axis movements

Z-axis 11019 mm
X-axis 850 mm
U-axis -4.91 / +4.95 = 9.86 mm
Q1-axis 755 mm
Q2-axis 755 mm

Motor power

Roller drive 51 kW / 11 8A / 487 Nm / 1000 rpm
Grinding spindle motor 22 kW / 55A / 210 Nm / 1000 rpm
Z-axis drive 27 Nm / 2000 rpm
X-axis drive 27 Nm / 2000 rpm
U-axis drive 1.4 Nm / 6000 rpm
Q1-axis drive 1.4 Nm / 6000 rpm
Q2-axis drive 1.4 Nm / 6000 rpm


Measuring unit Up to diameter 1500 mm for measuring thecylindricityand crowning of the rollers. The effective diameter of the roller cannot be measured.
Drive belt for S-Rollers 1
Replacement belts 3 pairs
Cardanshaft drive 630-790 mm, 1000-1180 mm
Wearing bushings Diameter 50-350 mm
Locking bushings Diameter 130, 200, 250, 300, 350 mm
Clamping support with slides 2
Clamping supports for steady rest 2
Two point steady rests 2 pairs, 150-300 mm, 290-635 mm
Insertion jaws up to 35t Diameter 150-300 mm
Insertion jaws up to 50t Diameter 290-635 mm
Underlays 7 pairs, 30, 345, 40, 45, 60, 80, 207 mm
Finishing device ProtechBF 30-100
Band finishing devices Various
Grinding wheel flanges 6pcs. Diameter 305x600x80 mm
Grinding wheels Various

Dust extraction 1 unit

Documentation machine Full documentation


CNC Siemens 8400 /Simodrive6110,Language of control ingerman
Grinding Software SIGRIND
Measuring Software SIWAME

Coolant equipment Coolant liquid actually from central coolant supply,Machine will be delivered without coolant equipment

Dust extraction Machine is connected to a central dust extractionsystem,noseparate unit isincluded in the scope of delivery.


Delivery time Approx. 3-4 weeks, to be agreed, Intermediate Sales reserved
Price On request
InstallationMachineand training operators Not included in priceAccording separate agreement
Pricing Ex location, not packed, not insured, without dismantling and loading costs of Machine
Payment 100% in advance
Warranty No warranty

Änderungen und Irrtümer in den technischen Daten, Angaben und Preisen sowie Zwischenverkauf vorbehalten!

Roll grinding Machine Waldrich Siegen 1800x10000 mm


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